Well it’s the end of March already, so what’s happened?

Strava thinks I’ve done 125 miles this month excluding commuting, sadly I’ve noticed a couple of time the GPS has lost it’s signal so a missing a couple of miles.

The rides consisted of couple of Club Runs, the second of which included the first of the Bec’s  Spring/Autumn TT series with a couple of laps of the Crowhurst circut with the two laps being completed in 40:13.

A couple of weeks later my turn on-call and it’s the second round of the Spring/Autumn series beckoned so borrowed aero bars (thanks Keith) attached to the bike I drove down with the laptop in the car. Helpfully we had timekeepers so I could compete and had my first ride on the aero bars a little wobble as I set off and managed to improve my time  38:47 including a long (ish) wait at the temporary traffic lights.

Ok, position needs improvement and maybe using the aero bars aren’t in the spirt of the event but it’s good practice, curiously the Garmin is on the stem between the bars and this was the first time I noticed no GPS signal.

Moving on to this weekend, I’d entered the SCCU Sporting 10 and managed to go sub 30 minutes which is what I’d been expecting, faster would be nicer but 29:27 is a start. Strava is a bit messy as the Garmin didn’t notice I’d risen along the A29:

As pointed out on Facebook, I can probably get lower relatively easily taking out the spacers:

52336643-DH-Photography-SCCU-018other things I could do better:

  • Not eat half an energy bar just before they start and the cough on the crumbs stuck in your mouth after a couple of miles.
  • Be confident being held by the starter, wimped out this time
  • Learn how far I can push myself but still finish, might have slightly underdone it this time.
  • Be more confident moving hands on and off the aero bars, probably should have changed gears slightly more often.

As a spectator we went to the opening event at the Lee Valley Velodrome/The Pringle/Olympic Velodrome for the Saturday afternoon and evening sessions, enjoyable apart from not being able to understand the PA in the afternoon session. Food and drink wise the “corporate” stands from the Olympics have gone with Look Mum and a couple of other food places providing real beer (at £5 a pint) and katsu curry. Excelent riding apart from a nasty crash for Jessie Ansell right in front of us. Also special mention to François Pervis who seamed to appreciate the crowd and I think was the only person who faced all of the crowd when receiving his flowers:

More photos on Flickr


The Big Ride

So on this rather rainy Saturday I took a wander up to central London to take part in the London Cycle Campaign “The Big Ride” which pretty much seamed to be a show of strength to whoever becomes Mayor next week that London’s cyclists want continental style cycle infrastructure.

Getting there a little after 11, the south bound lanes of Park Lane had been closed off and there was a huddle of organisers and police by the junction of Curzon Street I had a little ride around to make sure I was in the right place I started loitering for the start. It didn’t look that busy, the weather has been awful the last week or so and with more a damp start to the day rain due latter I wasn’t expecting much.

Marshall’s handed out flags and asked people to sign the petition and the P.A. started and then the crowds started to come

As noon approached apparently the crowed went all the way back to Marble Arch and then after a few requests to cheer, wave we where off, closed roads, down Hyde Park and then onto Piccadilly:

The view from Piccadilly

round Piccadilly Circus down and towards Trafalgar Square, where there was delay rumoured to be David Cameron in the way. At this point I managed to be at the front when the ride was halted to allow pedestrians to cross and then managed to accelerate away from the cycling marshall who was hell bent of getting everybody to join in the chant “Love London, Go Dutch, what do we want, safe streets” every time we stopped for a crossing. A couple of times fine, but it was getting a little monotonous, or maybe the damp was making me grumpy. Through Trafalgar Square I was complimented on my rain cape (by somebody else who owns a Shutt rain cape” and then the ride headed down Whitehall. As we where waiting to turn onto Victoria Embankment one of the LCCers announced that their where 10,000 people taking part  and then along the Embankment to the finish just before Blackfriars Bridge.

The Finish

To which a couple of people said “is that it?” with no obvious rally or talks at the end. Personaly I headed across the river and found a coffee shop with a bike stand to get something warm.

Hopefully whoever becomes Mayor on the third will realise that a bit of blue paint isn’t a sustainable cycle strategy and people want better.